Copyright Infringement

In response to a listener’s email we explain copyrights, copyright infringement, and Fair Use. Although we use extreme examples to drive the point home, just remember to be cautious and protect yourselves at all times!

(7:57) What is a Copyright?
(11:11) Unregistered Copyrights.
(13:11) Can you use copyrighted material?
(17:16) Infinity Stones (Permission).
(19:42) Common Myths.
(20:31) Parody.
(22:00) Fair Use.
(30:00) Incidental Inclusion.
(33:08) Trademarking/Copyrighting Common Phrases.
(35:08) Graphics/Images.
(39:30) Attribution.
(40:39) Copyrighting a Podcast
(44:03) Unauthorized Use of YOUR Material
(45:15) How Long Do Copyrights Last?
(47:27) Trademarks.
(50:23) Examples of Infringement
(55:15) Marvin Gaye’s Estate vs. Ed Sheeran & Robin Thicke.
(65:01) In Closing.

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