Episode 55: The Broken Windows Theory.

Ann, Becky and Dan have a discussion about the Advancement Project’s recent report titled We Came to Learn. A Call to Action for Police Free Schools. It’s an excellent read and we encourage everyone to check it out here: https://advancementproject.org/wecametolearn

(0:00) Hey I’m Back! We’ve all pretty much recovered from being sick! We also took a few shots at Paul for one of his outtakes from last week’s episode.

(2:54) The Advancement Project’s report. Last week the Advancement Project released a report suggesting that Police in schools are detrimental to the education of students of color.

(16:41) We Came to Learn.

(25:58) Ann tries to sneak a knife into the courtroom.

(30:08) Quotes from Students of Color.

(44:17) Dan’s Monologue MFer!

(52:07) Do we need School Resource Officers?

(68:35) SRO Job Description

(72:15) The Broken Windows Theory. This is the theory that harsh punishments for minor infractions will discourage serious crimes.

(78:11) Super Predators.

(80:33) We Came to Learn: The Conclusion.

(82:17) Ask an Attorney.

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