Episode 74: Rule 17

This week (on Super Bowl Sunday) Ann, Becky and Dan discuss the NFL’s “Rule 17,” the blown call, Boycott Bowl and the different lawsuits against the NFL stemming from the blown call that prevented the New Orleans Saints from a likely trip to the Super Bowl. Rule 17 dictates that the commissioner has the discretion to have the game in question replayed.

Ann and Becky insisted that we discuss the blown call in the New Orleans Saints vs. The Los Angeles Rams game and its aftermath during what New Orleanians coined The Boycott Bowl. As you’ll hear, Dan doesn’t really care about the issue but the two ladies are still extremely emotional and at times irrational (according to Dan).

(1:25) Boycotting The Boycott.
(7:24) Ann’s Outburst #1.
(17:13) Rule 17.
(25:44) Who cares? Really? Ann does!
(31:53) Phone a Drunk Friend.
(33:51) The Resulting Lawsuits.
(47:12) Ask an Attorney.

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