Episode 82: Dear Entrepreneurs

Dear Entrepreneurs,
This episode is for you (after you make it through the f*ery).

Ann, Becky and Dan discuss entrepreneurship and what you should do to legitimize and protect your business. We focus mostly on Sole Proprietorship, meaning a business owned and operated by a single person. Ann explains why you should legitimize your business and which business structures are most common for these kinds of businesses. Seriously, if you own or are starting a business this is the episode for you. We also briefly talk about whether or not podcasters should become businesses, and if so, which business structures would be likely.

(1:37) Becky’s Hip-Hop Knowledge that goes LEFT FIELD.

(7:54) Death Of Brick and Mortars.
(16:34) Entrepreneurship.
(33:01) For Podcasters.
(36:15) Sidebar: Everyone Is Important!
(41:53) Insurances. GET THEM!
(44:26) Accounting. Tracking Your Cash.
(45:54) Business Loans and Grants.
(49:09) Scam Alert: Grant Writers.
(51:54) Ask an Attorney.

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