Episode 83: The Settlement.

This week Ann, Becky and Dan discuss settlements stemming from lawsuits. This episode was in response to AJ (@WhatWeGoneDo). AJ was interested in knowing if a settlement indicates an admission of guilt, especially in wrongful death claims. We explore topics like whether or not we think OJ murdered Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, the Rodney King beating, and our friend’s ongoing lawsuit with a hospital for nearly killing her with a botched surgery.

(1:56) Thank You Mr. Jayden Hollywood!
(8:38) Afro Becky’s Hip-Hop Knowledge.
(10:06) Is a Settlement an Admission of Guilt?
(14:03) Did OJ do it?
(21:23) Rodney King.
(24:16) Not an Admission of Guilt.
(29:59) How Typical Are Settlements?
(35:39) WWYD? Accept the Settlement or Nah?
(46:09) Punch In: The Rich Man’s Justice.
(48:12) Ask an Attorney.

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