Episode 84: Anti-Vaxxer Movement (Lost Episode 1)

The Lost Episode. If you’re listening to this episode, something went really wrong! In Ann’s absence we’re resurrecting an episode that was initially scrapped last year because of Ann’s other absence.

Becky, Dan and Paul discuss The Anti-Vaccine Movement, aka “Anti-Vaxxers.” There’s an ever growing number of people who refuse to vaccinate their children because of dangerous and purposeful misinformation, or even worse, Facebook Infographics and YouTube conspiracy theory videos.

(2:51) Afro Becky’s Hip-Hop Knowledge.
(4:50) Anti-Vaxxers.
(14:48) Strange But True Cases.
(20:33) Censoring the Internet.
(25:15) Should Not Vaccinating your Children be Illegal?
(32:08) Herd Vaccination.
(38:44) RANDOM SIDEBAR: Wash Your Ass??
(39:25) Back to Vax.
(51:33) Ask a Non-Attorney.

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