Episode 85: Well and Watered

This week we alter our format and subject matter to have a conversation with a close friend of ours, Jayda Atkinson. The purpose of this episode is to inspire!

In addition to being the owner of Well and Watered and author of 2 books, Jayda has worked in the entertainment industry most of her life along side numerous big named acts. She has been featured on several TV shows like The Food Network’s “Chopped,” and Dr. Oz to name a few. She’s also a philanthropist, speaker, wellness coach, chef, and Spin instructor/enthusiast.

Many people who know (or know of) Jayda think she is an agent, manages talent, or is a promoter. She’s none of the above. Ann and Dan have a laid back conversation with her to find out what it is she does, her goals, and how she got into entertainment. Jayda also shares details about an upcoming tour she’s going on with one of the biggest acts in the world!

(0:00) Behind The Scenes.
(0:46) Meet Jayda Atkinson.
(7:25) Jayda’s Hip-Hop Knowledge.
(9:57) Well and Watered.
(27:58) Working in the Entertainment Industry.
(30:27) Okurrrr!
(37:39) Not Signing NDAs.
(42:18) Not Everyone Deserves Your Energy.
(51:34) Dan’s Worst Panic Attack (from A Few Screws Loose: The Podcast)
(56:56) Dan On Drugs.
(61:01) Chopped.
(66:58) Accomplishment.
(76:15) In Closing.

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