Episode 88: Death By Faith.

WARNING: Some people with strong religious beliefs may find this episode offensive. It is not our intent to offend. Our intent is, and has always been to educate and entertain.

This week Ann, Becky and Dan have a discussion about whether or not religion should be a defense in the death of a child. There are numerous belief systems that prohibit medicine or other forms of medical care. Parents who practice these religious beliefs are unwilling to, and often don’t have their children treated by medical professionals. As a result children are dying from preventable, curable and treatable illnesses.

All states have statutes against child abuse but most states (Louisiana being one) still have religious exemptions when medical treatment for a child conflicts with religious beliefs. A handful of states have religious exemptions for criminal child abuse, including manslaughter.

(5:11) Afro-Becky’s Hip-Hop Knowledge.
(6:46) Religion Preventing Medical Care.
(12:10) Religious Exemptions.
(29:52) What is Child Abuse?
(32:00) Kids In Cars.
(36:00) Refusing Medical Treatment.
(41:58) Should Religious Institutions Be Held Accountable?

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