Episode 89: The Death Penalty (Lost Episode 2)

Lost Episode #2: The Death Penalty.
In this episode Ann, Becky and Dan discuss the death penalty. There are currently 30 states in the US that still have the death penalty. We take a look at the number of people executed in the US and expected to see a much larger racial disparity in regards to Black people being executed. We also discuss the methods used to execute prisoners and how drug makers are refusing to allow their drugs to be used in executions.

We also share our opinions on whether or not we agree with the death penalty, and reveal the results from a Twitter poll we ran (back in 2018).

(1:19) The Death Penalty and Racial Bias.
(9:18) Sentenced to Fentanyl?
(22:43) Our Preferred Methods (how would we like to be executed?)
(25:57) Do We Support The Death Penalty?
(47:01) Ask an Attorney.

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