Episode 90: Sweet Home Alabama.

In episode 90 Ann, Becky and Dan discuss The Alabama Human Life Protection Act which is a near-total abortion ban. We discuss the case of an Alabama father who is currently suing an abortion clinic for wrongful death. We also debate Planned Parenthood vs. Cassey. Dan strongly believes that mothers should have to notify fathers of a pregnancy. Ann believes it’s a mother’s choice whether she notifies the father of her pregnancy.

(2:46) The Alabama Human Life Protection Act.
(8:53) Key takeaways from Alabama’s abortion bill.
(17:17) The Hippocratic Oath.
(19:10) Using abortion as contraception.
(25:04) Alabama father suing abortion clinic for wrongful death.
(30:13) Planned Parenthood vs. Cassey.
(34:25) Other points of contention.

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