Episode 95: The Best Of Ann.

This week (while still on vacation) we’ve compiled some of Ann’s favorite moments. These clips highlight the legal aspect of the show which range from Ann’s time in law-school, taking the bar exam and working in Merrill Lynch’s legal department. Ann then became a Solo Practitioner specializing in Civil and Family Law for over a decade. Much like last week this is a great opportunity for our newer listeners to become familiarized with our older episodes.

(1:35) Episode 43: Lawyers Get Shot Everyday B!
(7:34) Episode 66: Pro Black Pros.
(15:17) Episode 49: The Justice Gap.
(19:15) Episode 46: Copyrights.
(21:06) Episode 82: Dear Entrepreneurs.
(28:26) Episode 78: Attorney Client Privilege.
(31:41) Episode 77: Spousal Privilege.

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