Meet the Hosts

Ann @iTellLegalLies

Just-Ann is a licensed and practicing attorney in the state of Louisiana who graduated from LSU and Loyola University School of Law around the same time the light bulb was invented. She’s practiced law for more than 20 years and hasn’t lost a case yet, but that’s because she’s a hoarder.


Afro Becky (formerly known as Anonymous)

Anonymous is a Human Resources Professional with a bachelor’s in Business Management who chooses to remain anonymous because, well, she doesn’t want her employer to know she associates with foul mouthed miscreants (her words not ours). Anonymous is very familiar with employment law and conduct in the workplace. She’s also an accomplished trombone player.


Dan @iAmDanOnDrugs

Dan-on-Drugs is a licensed driver that quit school in the 8th grade in order to pursue his dreams of not waking up early in the morning. Somehow he became a certified IT professional, Audio Engineer, Musician, Auto Mechanic, and Published Photographer along the way. He spent his teenage years in juvenile detention centers and group homes.