Who the hell are you and why should I care?

Black Law and Legal Lies is a weekly podcast where Ann, an actual licensed and practicing attorney, and Dan, a middle-school dropout who is also an actual licensed driver, discuss various topics from legal and not-so-legal points of view. Subjects include trending topics, current events, black culture, anything taboo, and a whole slew of complete and utter randomness. Every episode will feature an Ask an Attorney segment where an attorney will answer a handfull of audience questions, only after Dan attempts to, hence Legal Lies.

Both hosts are equally experienced in law, but only one is an attorney.

Why should you care? We cannot discuss that at the moment because of a Non-Disclosure Agreement that we aren’t allowed to mention publicly or in private. We are certain that once all of the facts come to light, we will be able to tell you why you should care.

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