Episode 02: Bed Bugs with a Side of Semen.

Bed Bugs with a Side of Semen.
Stand your ground…or lay in a stranger’s bed?

This week Dan, Ann, and Anonymous discuss:

Self Defense
  • What is self-defense?
  • When is self-defense NOT self-defense?
  • Can self-defense turn into assault or murder?
  • What does Stand your Ground mean?
Parental Rights Part Deux
  • Insemination after separation/divorce; should you have to pay child support?
  • Underground Sperm donors. Is there any liability?
  • Are grey market sperm clinics/donors legal?

Ask an Attorney

  • A friend of mine was killed by a police officer. A witness posted his account of what happened on Facebook. In it, he mentions that he took a video of the incident, but when he went in for questioning, the police took his phone and deleted the video. Is it legal for them to do this?
  • My employer is asking me to do something that is illegal. If I don’t comply can I be terminated?