Episode 04: You down with EEOC? Yeah you know me!

You down with EEOC? Yeah you know me!
Good thieves have good credit scores.

This week Dan, Ann, and Anonymous discuss ex-convicts in the workplace, the EEOC, and releasing unrestricted medical records to your employer. We also take a look at revenge porn… no literally… we spent an hour just looking at photos.

Ex-cons in the workplace:

  • Can you discriminate against criminals in the hiring process?
  • Which crimes disqualify you from which jobs?
  • Why is there a stigma if they’ve served their time?
  • Not disclosing past convictions on job application.
  • What exactly is the EEOC and what do they do?
  • What does filing a complaint with the EEOC do and what would you need in order to file a complaint?

Revenge Porn:

  • What is revenge porn? Does revenge rely solely on intent?
  • Rob Kardashian releasing photos/videos of Blac Chyna on IG & Twitter faces revenge porn case.
  • Is it considered non-consensual pornography if both parties agreed to and actively participated in the recording or photographing that was later released to the public with only one person’s consent?
  • What are some of the loopholes in some of the revenge porn laws if any? (Expectation of privacy, etc..)
  • How would you represent Rob, if this case were in Louisiana (if Cali’s laws are different)?


  • DACA
  • Penn State Hazing.


Lemon law: I bought a slightly used 2016 Honda CRV with 18,000 miles on the odometer. In the first month of ownership there were 2 severe electrical/mechanical failures. It lost power steering, the ability to accelerate, and the ability to brake both of these times. It took honda over a month to diagnose and repair my car. 2 weeks after I got it back the touchscreen, radio, and digital display in the dashboard would stop working for a while and spontaneously restart.

Last week I ended up getting into an accident at the intersection because the brakes weren’t working properly. When I used the pedal the pressure on the wheels seemed much lighter, and the first third of my vehicle drifted into the intersection, sustaining a collision with an oncoming truck. There were no skid marks on the road despite the pressure I was applying to the brakes. The car is currently in the shop because the front passenger wheel is bent inwards, making it undrivable. Is this car a lemon? Can I sue the dealership?

Property Retrieval: It’s been almost a month since I got fired and I’ve texted the manager twice now asking for my stuff back and she wont respond. How can I go about getting it back?

Family Law: Do I have any right, as the legal father of two kids, to keep their mother from moving with them to another state? I am currently cohabiting/coparenting with the mother for the time being. If I don’t, I’m afraid she would move back to her home state since she has no family here. I do not have a custody agreement as we are living together. Is this something I could even get before deciding to move out? I do have signed a declaration of paternity.