Episode 05: FIREDfighter – Extinguishing the Myth of a Brotherhood.

FIREDfighter: Extinguishing the Myth of a Brotherhood.
Don’t trip over the hose.

This week Dan, Ann, and Anonymous are joined by special guest, retired Fairfax County (Virginia) Firefighter Paul Smith. Though officially retired, Paul was wrongfully terminated after disclosing his work-related disability to the FCFD. His case has been thoroughly documented and offers a unique look into ADA violations, discrimination, attorney malpractice, malfeasance, numerous other law violations, and how the judicial system railroads minorities.

Paul was fired for having PTSD, denied his service connected disability, drained of all of his financial resources and ended up homeless with 3 children (at the time) to provide for. He shares his story with us about how the legal system and IAFF failed him and other minorities in the Fairfax County Fire Department. Find out more about the brotherhood that allowed one of their own to become destitute by listening to and sharing Paul’s story.


  • NFL Protests
  • Kevin Hart’s sextortion incident.


  • A neighbor i’m having a feud with just made a erroneous noise complaint. The officer asked for my ID, i asked him if i was required to give it to him when I’m at my own house he said yes. He also said he was going to follow me into my house while I got it, I said “you can not enter my home” he responded with “I can, to make sure there are no weapons.”
    Was this a legal encounter?
  • Almost a year ago I took over a friend’s car loan payment. While we did not change the loan to my name, she drew up a contract stating the monthly payment due as well as the insurance needed on the vehicle. We both signed it and kept a copy. I fell behind 1 month, caught up, but as of last night, she stated she will be taking the vehicle back. Is there anything I can do? I’ve paid almost $4000 towards this vehicle. Or am I just SOL now?

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