Episode 07: NRA – National Redneck Association

NRA: National Redneck Association
The lack of gun control in America.

This week Dan, Ann, and Anonymous discuss gun control (or lack of), the Brady Bill, background checks, and go over the process of purchasing a firearm in Louisiana. We also take a look at how to completely avoid a Federal Background Check when purchasing a firearm. We take a look at some of the cities and states with the strictest gun laws and the correlating gun crimes in those areas.

  • Requirements and process for purchasing firearms in Louisiana?
  • Application Process
  • Background Check
  • Psychological/Medical Background check
  • How many guns can you purchase at once (or in a specific time frame)
  • What types of guns are legal/illegal
  • The myth about “Gun Registration”

The Brady Bill

  • What is the Brady Bill and why was it passed?
  • Go over the prohibitions in section 922(g)
  • Discuss the NRA trying to defeat the Brady Bill.
  • The Brady Bill “Bypass” – (private sellers, in most states)
  • Other Federal Gun Foolishness
  • Federal law fails to require law enforcement officers to investigate the multiple sales or purchases of firearms that are reported.
  • Federal law actually prohibits state and local law enforcement agencies from disclosing reports of multiple sales (other than those involving prohibited purchasers) and requires those agencies to destroy such reports and related records within 20 days of receipt.
  • Federal Work Around – Some states require reporting


Places that have or have had strict gun laws and correlating gun violence.


  • Washington D.C. – All guns were illegal from 1976 – 2009
  • California
  • Maryland
  • Connecticut, NJ, NY
  • NY – The City limits all firearm purchases (not just handguns) to one handgun and one rifle or shotgun every 90 days. Before a sale can occur, the seller must check with the governmental authority that licensed the purchaser to make sure the purchaser has not bought another firearm within the previous 90 days.



  • Who are they and what do they do?
  • Why do they oppose every piece of gun legislation?
  • Why didn’t they provide aid to Philando Castille (obvious)
  • The newer NRA commercials “A Call to Arms.”

Headlines: What’s happening in Vegas isn’t staying in Vegas.

  • Vegas Mass Shooting.
  • Michael Bennett Bodycam footage released. Was he lying?

Liability: I like to go to a bouldering gym. There are no harnesses, but there are squishy mats to land on if you fall. The highest wall is thirty feet. I fell from this one.
It’s highly advised to stay back from walls that people are climbing on because anyone could fall at any time. Most people do this. Toddlers are very bad at doing this. Toddlers aren’t supposed to be in the main climbing area, but this one was.

I lost my grip and fell. I had no idea there was a kid under me, and even if I did, I couldn’t really do anything about it other than yell on my way down. When I landed on him, I broke his arm. He was rushed to the hospital and all that. I’m fine, other than some bruises.

I felt really bad about it, so I gave the parents my contact details with the intention of “I’ll get the kid some balloons.” They are now telling me they’re going to sue me for his medical expenses.

The gym has everyone sign a waiver absolving the gym of responsibility before they’re allowed to climb, and I assume the parents must have signed a similar waiver. Does that help me at all? Am I actually liable? There was seriously nothing I could have done differently.

Renter’s Insurance: Dallas area, though not inside of Dallas (working class suburb, I’d rather not get more specific at the moment). This is a large-ish property management company (think multi-state), based in the area, and this is their largest property locally (possibly the largest they own).

They require all tenants to carry, at the least, $100k in liability insurance, and strongly recommend carrying property coverage.

I have a policy with the correct liability coverage, plus sufficient contents coverage for what I own, plus an addendum for my camera stuff. I switched companies recently (from a traditional company to an online-only company that’s fairly new, but licensed in my state), and the property manager is telling me they don’t accept policies from the new company.

Lease: My lease states I’m free to choose an insurer of my choice, and outlines the minimum requirements (100k liability, property company named as interested party). It also states if I do not obtain insurance, they will obtain insurance for me, and add it into my rent.

So can my landlord/property manager decide to pick and choose who I get insurance with?