Episode 08: Defending Public Defenders.

Defending Public Defenders.
Court Appointed Lawyers: You get what you pay for?

This week Dan, Ann, and Anonymous discuss public defenders and whether or not they’re actually good lawyers. Dan describes his interactions with one of his public defenders as a juvenile delinquent and theorizes that the caseloads of public defenders make them ineffective at their jobs. Ann argues that public defenders are just as capable as private attorneys and also explains who can and cannot benefit from a public defender. We also discuss how young black males have their bad behavior criminalized and aren’t afforded the same opportunities as their white counterparts (such as diversionary programs or therapy).

Public Defenders


  • What are public defenders and why are they available?
  • Does the old saying, “you get what you pay for” apply?
  • If I CAN afford an attorney, can I still use a public defender?
  • Who pays public defenders? (State/Federal/City etc…)
  • Is having a heavy caseload, being overworked and underpaid an excuse to suck?
  • When, if possible, shouldn’t you use a public defender?

Ask an Attorney (Extended):


Ann attempts to answer multiple questions ranging from teenage abortions without parental consent, illegal seizures, placing a restraining order on a child you’ve given up for adoption, and more!