Episode 09: Stalker vs. Stalked Pt. 1

Stalker vs. Stalked Pt. 1: The Stalked

This week in part 1 of Stalker vs. Stalked, Ann, Dan, and Anonymous have a discussion with our guest Nicole who is a stalking victim. Next week in part two we have a discussion with Marcus who was arrested and jailed for allegedly stalking… his wife.

Nicole has been a victim of stalking twice, once by a woman and once by a man. Unfortunately we weren’t able to publish the first incident we spoke about because of technical difficulties with the audio but we will recap it here:

Nicole started receiving phone calls from a random phone number at odd hours. When she would answer the caller seemed like a salesperson… at first. The caller would ask if Nicole was interested in purchasing a security system or other services, all of which Nicole would decline. The calls kept coming in and Nicole got the feeling that these calls were more sinister than they appeared. After a visit to the police station the calls were traced back to a residential VOIP service that the caller tried to use to mask their identity. After further investigation the caller was identified as a registered nurse who was the significant other of a man that was dating Nicole. The woman followed Nicole to various places including on dates with the guy that was cheating on said stalker (Nicole was unaware of any cheating). She also stalked Nicole in her neighborhood, applied for a position at Nicole’s company, and continued calling. The stalker then went to the police station to report that Nicole was actually the one stalking her and reported that she was afraid for her children’s lives. The outcome of this case was that the woman that was stalking Nicole lost her nursing license, has a permanent restraining order, and is forced to pay Nicole restitution.

In the second instance Nicole worked for a large company in a male dominated industry as an independent contractor. There she met a man who was in charge of recruiting permanent employees for the company. He offered to help get her promoted to a permanent position, for what she thought was her quality of work, and her work ethic. He asked for her phone number under the guise of it being for employment purposes and Nicole saw no problem with this request given the circumstances. Things started getting weird when he would call Nicole often and not for work related reasons. Nicole gave the hiring manager the benefit of the doubt, possibly thinking that he just wanted to stay in touch during the hiring process. One night Nicole went out to have a good time with friends and the hiring manager called her repeatedly, over and over and over. When he didn’t get an answer he decided to go to Nicole’s house and wait in her driveway until she returned home from her night out. On her way home, Nicole listened to the voicemail messages that the hiring manager left, which ranged from name calling and threatening to vulgar and sexual in nature. To her surprise, when she got home there he was was, the hiring manager who had left these threatening and vulgar messages, in her driveway. As she jumped out of her vehicle to confront him, she grabbed the first thing that she saw that could be used as a weapon to defend herself. He began to tell her about the relationship that he had constructed, in his mind at least. He kept asking “why are you doing this to me? You know I love you!” After chasing him off, she reported the crime to the police and to the human resources department at the company. After he was reported to HR he was immediately fired and 6 other women came forward with the same allegations. Out of the 7 women, they were offered jobs at the company as a part of a settlement. Nicole and one other woman did not settle for a job opportunity at the company but 5 others did.