Episode 10: Stalker vs. Stalked Pt. 2

Stalker vs Stalked Pt. 2: The Stalker

In part 2 of Stalker vs Stalked, Dan, Ann, and Anonymous have a discussion with Marcus, who was arrested and jailed for stalking…his wife.

After being with his wife for 8 years, Marcus caught his her cheating on him. Marcus had a feeling that something was going on when his wife started acting strange. After his wife went missing one night, Marcus and his cousins tracked her down at a seedy motel with the guy she was cheating with. Marcus attempted to get her to leave the hotel and come home, which didn’t happen. She decided to stay with her side piece that night. Marcus, for the sake of his kids, decided to stay and try to work it out… until he caught her with the same guy again. Marcus confronted the side piece in an attempt to reason with him. Marcus informed the side piece that his wife was married and asked that he put some RESPEK on their marriage. The side piece notified Marcus’ wife that Marcus had contacted him and she called Marcus in a rage which led to a huge argument. Things were said.

After the argument, Marcus felt bad for some of the things he said and wanted to apologize. Since his wife stopped coming home during this time, he went to the bar that she worked at in an attempt to reconcile but was met with hostility and asked to leave. He was under the impression that it was because she didn’t want to make a scene in front of the bar patrons and her coworkers so he left. Marcus decided to come back after she got off in order to apologize for his language and have a discussion about where they go from there. When he returned Marcus approached his wife to talk outside of the bar. His wife called the police as Marcus approached and said she felt threatened, so Marcus left. Days later his wife called him to tell him that there may be a warrant for his arrest, but she didn’t want to press any charges. Needless to say, Marcus was arrested and held on a $25k bond for stalking, held in jail for a week and placed on house arrest with a no-contact order for another week. Eventually, the charges were dropped. Marcus continued to try and work it out with his wife even after all of this… until she moved her side piece into Marcus’ home (where he wasn’t staying at the time).

Marcus also shares his experience with being arrested for the first time, and his first time in jail.

Listen to Marcus share his story in only a way that he can.