Episode 14: Custody? Those Bebe’s Kids!

Custody? Those Bebe’s Kids!
You should leave custody of your children to someone in your will.

This week Ann, Dan, and Becky discuss custody orders and how they work. Dan thinks men don’t get a fair shake when it comes to family court, especially when children are involved. Ann believes that most men don’t want to take care of their children anyway so the mother should be the natural custodial parent. They agree to disagree but the one thing Dan and Becky learned new is not only should you have a will, you should specify who your children should go to in the event of your death. Dan also learns what a Godparent is and why his father used to have to pick his little sister up at Burger King and Gas Stations.  

Custody of Children

  • What are the different types of custody when it comes to children?
  • If there are no custody orders, does anyone have custody of the children?
  • If both family members become deceased, where do the children go if:
    • There are family members/relatives on both sides willing to take them in.
    • There are no known family members/relatives, or none willing to take them in.
    • Can the parents have some sort of directive prior to their deaths as to where or who the children can be placed with?
  • Do you need a custody order as a:
    • Single mother/father with no contact with the father?
    • Co-parent who the child lives with?
    • Divorced or separated from the other parent?
    • Other parent in jail/prison?
  • What reasons would you want to pursue a custody order?
  • What are some caveats that common people wouldn’t expect or know about when it comes to custody?

Custody for women.

  • Top reasons women file for custody.
  • How do you file for sole/joint custody and what types of documents, proof, etc… would you need to be successful?

Custody for men.

  • Top reasons men file for custody.
  • How do you file for custody, if your child doesn’t live with you? What types of documents, proof, etc… would you need to be successful? (walk through the process)
  • How likely is the court to rule in favor of the father who the child doesn’t live with? What can improve his chances?

Other Family Law stuff concerning children.

  • Can a registered sex offender who has an order to not be around children be around their own children? If not, do they lose their parental rights?


Missing Child Support. Colorado man pays child support late but the mother never got it. The state kept it because the mother is receiving other state assistance and by doing so she waves her right to collect back child support. A FOIA was submitted to find out where the money went and the FOIA was denied on grounds that it was “confidential.”

Ask An Attorney:Michael in New York – I love the podcast Dan on Drugs reminds me of my brother who is currently incarcerated for a scam where he starting a fake non-profit. I’ll leave it at that. My baby’s mother got her landline and cable in our 3 year old son’s name. I bet you can’t guess what color we are… The cable and phone got cut off because she ain’t pay her bills. Will this fuck my son’s credit up before he even has credit? Can I report her sorry ass to someone?