Episode 17: Sodom and Gonorrhea

Sodom and Gonorrhea: The Criminalization of Sexual Acts.

This week Ann, Dan, and Becky discuss sodomy… laws!

What is sodomy? Though it varies from state to state, sodomy is generally anything other than traditional man on woman vaginal intercourse. Afro-Becky embarrassingly reads a number of sexual acts to see what’s considered sodomy and what isn’t. Becky (not surprisingly) has never heard of more than half of these acts.

About 12 states still have anti-sodomy laws on the books including our great state, Louisiana. Anti-sodomy laws are discriminatory in nature and have historically been used to target members of the LGBTQ. Prior to 1962 sodomy was a felony in every state but most states have since repealed their anti-sodomy legislation. Some of the harshest  punishments included castration, life imprisonment, and death.

Acts Covered:

  • Fingering/Fisting
  • Rim jobs, Rusty Trombones
  • Rubbing one out
  • Double Penetration
  • Doggy, Froggy, Reverse Cowgirl
  • Mustache rides
  • “Dan on Drugs Black don’t crack unless it’s your back spectacular smash” (TM)

Questions covered:

  • How do anti-sodomy laws affect gay marriage?
  • If the woman is a transgender woman who has intercourse with a cisgender male, do anti-sodomy laws still apply?
  • What crimes can you be charged with if you commit sodomy?
  • Do you have to register as a Sex Offender?

Registered Sex Offenders:

  • What are the requirements that registered sex offenders have to meet?
  • How long to registered sex offenders have to stay on the registry?
  • How often is their information on file verified/updated?
  • If you’re exonerated, are you removed from the registry?


A string of about a dozen undercover arrests by East Baton Rouge Parish police targeting gay men in a park. The arrests, which stretched over a 10 year period until 2013, demonstrate how problematic state laws can be when they contradict court rulings.

“Cops would sit in public parks in unmarked cars, propositioning [men] for sex, then when the men agreed, the police would arrest them for attempted crimes against nature,” says Matt Patterson, managing director of Equality Louisiana. “People were being arrested for agreeing to have sex in private at a future time.”


Husband catches male nurse having sex with his dead wife’s corpse.

Ask an Attorney:
As a teenager, my parents used my trust that my grandmother left me to send me to a mental facility for 6 months at almost $30k per month. Nothing was wrong with me mentally. They just didn’t like my boyfriend because he wasn’t Catholic and couldn’t stop us from seeing each other. In order to stop us, they sent me to an inpatient mental health facility and literally spent all of my trust money on it. Is there anything I can do to recover the money? The facility never found anything wrong with me but my parents insisted I stayed.


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Mentions (links):

Arrest on unconstitutional sodomy law prompts Baton Rouge police chief to send memo to all officers.

Husband walks in on male nurse having sex with his wife’s corpse when he visits morgue to say his final farewell to her.

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