Episode 19: The Course of Divorce Court, of Course!

This week Ann, Becky, and Dan tackle divorce. We also have the opportunity to speak with one of Ann’s former clients who Ann represented in a messy divorce case.


  1. What are fault and no-fault Divorce.
  2. Divorce without grounds based on physical separation.
  3. Contested divorces. What are they? Are they normal?
  4. Costs. How much does a typical divorce cost?

Interview with Ann’s former client, Shanell, who shares her divorce experience.

Shanell got married in 2002 to who she though was the love of her life, it turned out she was wrong. In 2014 Shanell sought Ann out to represent her after her husband (at the time) filed for divorce. Shanell’s ex-husband found a new woman and moved on both physically and emotionally in the last year of their 12 year marriage, leaving Shanell and their daughter for his “side piece.”

Shanell’s ex-husband took the opportunity in court to try and make Shanell look like a bad parent, bad spouse, and an overall irresponsible person. These attempts included claiming Shanell had a drug abuse problem as well as submitting photos from family vacations claiming they were evidence that Shanell was living “lavish” at his expense. During the divorce Shanell was on the brink of losing her house and couldn’t refinance because both her ex-husband’s truck and her car were financed by her. After looking at her income it was determined that she woldn’t be able to afford a refi considering she had 2 vehicles financed at the time. Shanell told her ex-husband that he would need to put the truck in his name in order for her to make room on her credit to save the house and he refused. Her next idea was that they either sell or rent the house out, he refused. Her hail mary was for the both of them to file chapter 7 bankrupcy and to no surprise… he refused. The bank ended up taking the house which left Shanell and their daughter looking for somewhere to live. Because of her ex-husband’s refusal to work with her Shanell had to make a lot of drastic changes in her life.

Ann’s commentary on Shanell’s divorce case

    1. Ann’s thoughts.
    2. Was there anything unique or remarkable about this divorce case or was it pretty typical?
    3. Had you or any other attorney not been involved, what could’ve gone differently?
    4. How did you defend against the weed allegations?

Ask an Attorney and Giveaway!

I got into a car accident, it was my fault technically and I have no problem with taking responsibility. I rear-ended a driver who stopped abruptly when a traffic light turned yellow. He jumped out of his car and was extremely hostile and aggressive. Before I could get out he stormed up to my car and started punching, think “Hulk Smash” on the hood of my car. He tried to pull my door open and couldn’t because it was locked. I freaked out and put my car in reverse then drove off. The other driver jumped in his car and started following me. I called the cops from my cell phone and they caught up with us. All of a sudden the guy wasn’t this maniac and was very articulate and well spoken, even laughing and joking with the cops. I was cited for leaving the scene of an accident.

What can I do? Was I wrong for driving off while he was beating the shit out of my car and scaring the hell out of me? I still have the dents in the hood from where he pounded on my car which I showed the cops and they didn’t care.

Give Away!

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