Episode 21: Hate Crimes, Haters.

Hate Crimes, Haters.
Don’t hate, be great!

Hate Crimes:

  1. What are hate crimes and how do they differ from regular crimes?
  2. Are they based off of prejudice alone?
  3. Can stealing from a person you’re prejudiced against be a hate crime?
  4. When did hate crimes become a “thing?”
  5. Are sentences harsher for hate crimes?

Are these considered non-hate/hate crimes:
1. A white dude punching a black dude in the face?
1a. A white guy punching a black guy in the face while yelling “go back to Africa nigger!”
2. A black guy choking a white guy?
2a. A black guy choking a white guy while yelling “die you cracker ass cracker!”
3. A heterosexual guy spray painting the word fag on a gay person’s car?
3a. A gay guy spray painting the word fag on a gay person’s car?
4. A white girl sticking her black roommate’s toothbrush inside of her anus, replacing her roommate’s lotion with moldy clam dip, spitting in her coconut oil, rubbing used tampons on her belongings, and “so much more!” Making her black roommate constantly ill.

Hartford Student Brianna Brochu did all of the above things to her roommate Jasmine Rowe.

Brianna Brochu, the former University of Hartford student accused of harassing her roommate and contaminating the living space by smearing bodily fluids all over her roommate’s belongings, pleaded not guilty Monday to charges of breach of peace and criminal mischief.

Prosecutors decided not to pursue hate crime charges against the Brianna Brochu, the white college student who tormented her Black roommate Jazzy Rowe by contaminating her personal items.

According to NBC News, 18-year-old Brochu pleads not guilty to harassment during a court appearance on Monday, with prosecutors stopping short of filing any additional charges against her. Civil rights leaders have continued to call for hate crime charges in light of the incident, which Rowe also said left her with a bacterial infection in her throat. “She should be charged with a hate crime,” NAACP Greater Hartford Branch President Imam Abdul-Shahid Muhammad Ansari said on Monday. “We made our feelings known and will continue to do so, letting the community know and elected officials know as well.”


Someone stole my apartment complex maintenance guy’s ladder.
I’m curious about the legality of the situation. A maintenance ladder was stolen from my apartment’s courtyard. The landlord mentioned that if it is not returned tomorrow morning they will do apartment inspections of every apartment to determine if a tenant stole the ladder. Is this legal?