Episode 22: Minding yo Black Business(es)!

Minding yo Black Business(es)!

This week Ann, Dan, and Becky are joined by Stacy Alugas, a black business owner and entrepreneur.

Interview/Discussion with Stacy Alugas of Blossom Beauty.
Stacy shares some of the hurdles she faced in becoming a salon owner, most of which were presented by other people of color. Stacy explains how many doors were slammed in her face when she attempted to seek knowledge about the industry she was trying to break into. Luckily this didn’t deter Stacy from following her dream. She talks about how she financed her business and the steps she took to put her into the best position to succeed.

Organic Vag Pads!

Starting a business.
Things you should familiarize yourself with when starting a business include employer identification numbers (EINs), limited liability companies (LLCs), incorporation, and doing business as (DBA). We also have a question by fellow podcasters @FromDaBottom504 about copyrighting/trademarking podcast names.

The first couple of steps you should take when starting a business.

Small Business Administration (SBA).
Who is the SBA and what do they do? How can they help me?

The great grant myth.
Many people are under the impression that they’re able to receive a grant to start a for profit business. This is just simply not the case in majority of the cases. Government grants typically apply to not for profit businesses, or specialty businesses that are in high demand but low in existence.

A few basic types of insurances you would want to consider are unemployment, worker’s comp, errors and omissions insurance, malpractice. There are also more comprehensive insurances, for those it’d be best to talk to an insurance broker.

Dan’s Brothel!
Dan shares his business plan to run a brothel under the guise of a “star in your own pornographic film” model. It could possibly work too!

Ask an Attorney.
Rocky in Austin, TX
A little over a year ago I submitted a slogan to a company as part of a slogan contest and didn’t win according to the company’s website. The contest winner was supposed to win $2000. After forgetting about the company all together, I happened to land on their website a few days ago and see that they’re using my slogan. I never gave them permission and the T&C didn’t stipulate they’d own and be able to use non-winning submissions. I never signed anything either. Is there anything I can do? Can I send a cease and desist or request payment for my services?