Episode 26: Check Up From the Neck Up.

Ann, Becky, and Dan discuss mental illness and suicide. It’s no secret that mental illness is just as prevalent in the black community as any other community. Each host shares their experiences dealing with people in their lives who suffer from mental illness and/or suicidal ideation.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 or chat online at https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/chat/

Ann shares her experiences with a loved one who suffered a brain injury that resulted in mental illness. Ann discusses the hurdles in her day to day life while caring for her loved one. She details some of the things she’s done to help this person. Ann also identifies a lot of the road blocks that people face while seeking treatment.

Becky shares some of her experiences being involved with Dan who suffers from an anxiety disorder and battles with depression. Becky points out that unless you’re very poor or very well off there’s very little mental health treatment that is affordable and accessible in the New Orleans Metro area.

Each host expresses their frustration with the medical community, specifically in the mental health field.

Dan shares how he recently talked a suicidal friend off of the ledge. Surprisingly when people are going through rough times, they like talking to Dan. This comes as somewhat of a surprise because Dan HATES talking to people but sometimes mentally ill people can relate to each other better.

(21:00) Shout out to the #PodsInColor community and a question for Dr. Berry from @LunchLearnPod.

When it comes to SSRIs/SNRIs and benzos, how do doctors determine which medication to prescribe to patients for mental illness? Especially on a first visit?

(27:00) Trying to help someone who is suicidal.
1. What do you think the best way to help someone you suspect is suicidal? 2. Do you think trying to help someone close to you can damage the relationship? 3. What are some things you can do to help?

(32:45) Legalities.
• Is suicide illegal?
• Can you be charged with a crime for a failed suicide attempt?
• Shooting yourself?
• Cutting?
• Overdosing?
• Suicide by cop?
• Would charging someone with a crime after a failed suicide even be worth it?
• Can someone be charged for knowing you’re suicidal and NOT reporting it after you commit suicide?

If you suspect a friend or family member is suicidal and they’re not responding to texts, phone calls, or banging on their door, you’d generally want to call 911. If first responders arrive and there is no response they will force entry.

• What are the legalities of forced entry?
• What if the person isn’t home after forced entry?
• Who pays for the damage after a forced entry?
• Can a facility legally hold you against your will for an evaluation for a set period of time (24-72 hours)?
• What if you weren’t suicidal to begin with and someone reported you just to piss you off?
• Does life insurance cover suicide?

(43:38) Story: Wife holds a corpse hostage for ransom!

Ask an Attorney: From MeeshBeezy in Hahnville, LA. If my husband dies in the middle of a divorce and we’ve been separated for over a year, am I responsible for his funeral and burial expenses? How about his medical bills and his debts? We have no life insurance policies and don’t own anything of significant value. If I do have to pay for this, how do I get off the hook? Is this even a real thing?!?!

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