Episode 29: Why You Entrapin’ so Hard?

This week on Black Law and Legal Lies, Ann, Becky, and Dan break down entrapment. We also end up in left field when trying to determine if dating is a form of prostitution. Dan explains why some men think they’re entitled to sex after a date.

1. What is entrapment?
2. Are police stings (drugs/prostitution) considered entrapment?
3. If you ask an undercover cop if they are a cop, do they have to tell you they are in order to avoid entrapment?

Confidential Informants (CIs) and Entrapment.
1. What are CIs?
2. How do CIs benefit from manufacturing arrests?
3. Why are do so many cases of entrapment involve CIs?

Sidebar ish:
Is dating a form of prostitution?
Dan and Ann believe a parallel can be drawn, especially since a lot of men are essentially paying with the hopes of sex.

Ann wonders why men think they’re entitled to sex after a man takes a woman on a date. Dan mansplains.

Ask an Attorney:
Jayden of @UnapologetikPod (Atlanta) wants to know how to get out of an apartment lease without paying an early termination fee.