Episode 30: STFU! The Non-Disclosure.

This week on Black Law and Legal Lies, Ann, Becky and Dan break down Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), celebs, and Stormy Daniels. NDAs (also known as gag orders and confidentiality agreements) are contracts that prevent one or more parties from discussing a specific subject. Celebs have long used NDAs to protect their public images and/or to prevent people from profitting off of their relationships and interactions.

Some of these celebs include:
Beyoncé, Justin Beiber, Drake, Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea, Charlie Sheen, and Bill Cosby.

Covered this episode:
1. What are Non-disclosure agreements?
2. If so many celebs are using NDAs, why do we know about them?
3. If you sign an NDA can you discuss what the terms were?
4. If you DON’T sign an NDA can you discuss the terms presented to you?
5. What are the penalties for breaking NDA?
6. If you’re a groupie with no money or assets, what’s to stop you from breaking NDA?
7 . Is there any language that is prohibited, or that would make an NDA unenforceable?
8. What happens in the case where the person who initiated the NDA breaks it?
9. Where would every day people encounter NDAs?

Stormy Daniels.
Ann breaks down the details of Stormy Daniels’ NDA and how it may not be enforceable because of how sloppy (to put it nicely) it was. We also question if $130k is an acceptable amount to keep quiet about a billionaire.

Revisiting Brianna Brochu.
The sentence handed down to Brianna Brochu, the white student who contaminated her black college roommate’s hygiene items and belongings verifies what we’ve already known, there’s a separate judicial system for white people and people of color. Brochu avoided the hate crime designation and ended up sentenced to probation as a result of her crimes. The judge took into consideration Brochu’s age and how a criminal record would affect her future. Sadly, black and brown people are not afforded this same level of consideration.

Ask a Human Resources Professional:
Anonymous Person, somewhere.
There have been some management issues at my job and today one of the managers complained that none of us read the handbook. One of the lines in our handbook states that our pay is private and confidential and discussing it is grounds for termination. I don’t think that’s illegal. Is it?