Episode 31: Operation Lockdown!

This week on Black Law and Legal Lies, Ann, Becky, and Dan are joined by “Officer Michelle” a former corrections officer at a county jail. Prior to retiring Michelle was a corrections officer for 22 years at a county jail. We talk to her about her time on the job, some of the things she witnessed in the jail, and any advice she may have for new inmates who have never been to jail before.

Some of the questions we ask Michelle are:
* Why did you become a CO?
* What are the requirements for becoming a CO?
* What was a typical shift like?
* What’s one of the weirdest things you’ve seen as a CO?
* What’s the most tragic thing you’ve seen in the jail?
* Does rape really occur in county jail?
* How and where do COs have sex with inmates?
* How does most contraband get into jail?
* How many inmates have you personally beaten?
* Have you ever seen an inmate masturbating?
* What advice would you have for new inmates who’ve never been to jail?
* How do you file a complaint against a CO?

Prisoner’s Rights.
* Do prisons have to accommodate inmates with disabilities?
* Do inmates still have their first amendment rights?
* Is there any expectation of privacy in a prison/jail?
* Are calls and visits with your attorney recorded and admissible in court?
* Can you sue the prison for medical malpractice?
* If inmates need medical attention that the infirmary can’t provide, are they afforded the right to go to a hospital or doctor of their choice?

Voting Rights Debate:
Ann and Dan then argue whether criminals should have their voting rights stripped as a result of committing a crime. Dan thinks criminals should retain their voting rights since elected officials would represent them just as much as a law abiding citizen. Ann thinks that it is fair to remove the voting rights of criminals since elected officials should only affect law abiding citizens.

Ask an Attorney:
Chad in Harrisburg, PA.
My daughter is on the run from the authorities for reasons I’d rather not say. I have no clue where she is. She’s been gone for a little over a year with no contact. I know she’s alive because she regularly updates her social media pages but won’t respond to our messages. Her boyfriend, and father of her child (my granddaughter) is currently incarcerated. I would like to have at least temporary custody until this situation is sorted out. Her boyfriend has signed his rights over to his parents, the other grandparents, temporarily. I was told that my daughter could do the same but would need to appear in court. Is there away around this without involving my daughter at all? Like I said, we haven’t been in contact for over a year and I just want to be able to see my grandchildren. We are speaking to an attorneys but we would like a little more insight as far as how to explain what we want and if there are any specific questions we should ask he or she. Thanks. I really enjoy the podcast with the exception of Dan’s misogynistic views and promotion of drugs, but to each their own.

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