Episode 34: Inspiration Inspires.

This week on episode 34 of Black Law and Legal Lies we’re doing things a little different. We’re joined by author, philanthropist, community organizer, celebrity chef, motivational speaker and friend of the show, Jayda Atkinson (@JaydaEtc).

Conversation with Jayda Atkison.
Although we’ve known Jayda for quite some time, Dan didn’t know about Jayda. It was recently brought to his attention that Jayda was a multifaceted and accomplished creative (and kind of a big deal). Jayda has been featured on Dr. Oz, Food Network’s Chopped, Essence Magazine, and the Tom Joyner Morning Show. She is the author of ABCs: Feeding the Body and Spirit, A Guide to Fasting, and The Storm Chaser which details Jayda’s life and experiences after Hurricane Katrina. Jail, infidelity, and homelessness did not deter Jayda from finding her purpose.

We learn that Jayda was offered a role on the Real Housewives of Atlanta and she details why she had to walk away from the show. She’s also been approached to participate in Wife Swap and Monster-in-Law.

Her story.
We sat down with Jayda to discuss her story. She takes us on a journey from her humble beginnings in New Orleans, where she learned how to hustle, to getting into the music and entertainment business, taking a cross country trip to feed the hungry, and working with some of the biggest celebrities in entertainment.

Jayda landed in Atlanta where she played a pivotal role in the community because of her charitable work and service to others. An example she shares is posting public Facebook posts inviting people who didn’t have anywhere to go on Thanksgiving to her mansion to have dinner with her and her family.

While continuing to service the community, she’s working on her next book and may have a podcast in the works as well.

We thank Jayda for coming by to have a conversation with us, she’s truly a uniquely inspirational person. She speaks life.

To find out more about Jayda and her foundation, Love Lives 365, and how to donate visit www.JaydaETC.com