Episode 41: CPS: Child Profit System?

Sadly (or not) Ann was not able to join us this week because of an impacted stool that she had to have digitally removed… or something. Becky and Dan are joined by recurring guest and host @PFromCharlotte.

(2:20) Drivers: Northern vs. Southern.
Leading into how policing differs in the north and south we discuss the driving habits of both northern and southern drivers. We unanimously decided that people in the south suck at driving. Traffic laws are seldom enforced in the southern cities that we have experience driving in, which only encourages bad driving. Louisiana is routinely in the top 3 worst drivers, claiming #1 three of the last 6 years. North Carolina is ranked 8th in worst drivers.

(6:50) Policing: Northern vs. Southern.
We discuss the differences in policing in both the north and the south. We all agree that most northern cities are proactive in policing, while the southern cities are more reactive. Paul describes how he knows people who have been charged with violent and/or major drug crimes who have done little to no time when compared to the same crimes in the Washington D.C. area. Dan describes a case that happened in New Orleans where a man shot up an entire car wash with an AK47, ON VIDEO, and was let walk free because none of the witnesses would come forward. In southern cities the police culture is in general, lackadaisical; which we believe is a result of poor training, and is a reflection of state/local governments.

(15:42) Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA)
In 1997 then President Bill Clinton signed into effect the ASFA in response to concerns that many children were in foster care for too long, receiving multiple placements. This act however included a few damning provisions like; if a child was in foster care for 15 of the last 22 months states would be required to terminate parental rights. If an investigation were to take longer than 15 months and the parent were to be found innocent of any wrongdoing, theoretically their parental rights would still be terminated according to this act. Also, the more children that are removed from homes, the more money the federal government gives the states, this encourage and incentivises removing children from homes. In one case a in Michigan, a handicapped child was placed in foster care and the state was receiving $12,000.00 per day while he was there.

(18:26) Elena Andron.
Elena Andron fell on hard times when she lost her job at a factory. She reached out to the state of Michigan for assistance with her disabled son Jonny Dragomir. Jonny was placed into foster care where he was supposed to remain for 1 year until Elena got herself back on her feet. While visiting Jonny, Elena noticed that he was losing weight rapidly. When Elena complained to the Department of Health and Human Services she was met with hostility and an order of no-contact that a judge signed off, disallowing her visitation of her son. Elena attempted to get her son back BUT by voluntarily placing him into foster care she was placed on a registry for abusive parents! In order to be removed from this list, Elena would have to attend frequent classes which wasn’t possible because of her new job. The next time Elena saw Jonny, he was dead. Starved to death. He went into foster care weighing 120 lbs. and died weighing only 48 lbs.

(23:33) Abused Foster Children.
Though we didn’t have any proof, we discuss how we do believe that foster children are some of the most abused children.

(30:39) Paul’s First Experience with CPS.
Paul had the unfortunate experience of dealing with CPS, not once, but twice! The first time Paul and a family member got into an altercation and to retaliate, his family member called CPS on him with a bogus report. CPS showed up at Paul’s house at 9:30pm and asked if they could look around. After being there for 5 minutes the CPS worker knew that the call was bogus and gave Paul his closure letter on the spot. Paul decided not to press charges on the family member who called CPS on him.

(35:06) Paul’s Second Experience with CPS.
After moving to Charlotte, Paul had another run in with CPS. Paul was having problems with his son to where his son had to be hospitalized in a mental ER. After being at the hospital with his son for 7-8 hours, Paul and his wife headed home after his son was admitted to the mental ER (where he stayed for weeks). When Paul and his wife got home CPS showed up asking to come in and speak with them. Paul thought that this was related to his son being in the mental hospital and was normal for this type of occurrence. It was not. Paul’s son, while in the mental hospital lied to the doctors and said he was being physically abused at home which prompted the CPS visit. Paul explains how and why this experience was completely different from his first experience.

(43:58) CPS Dirty Tactics.
CPS has a history of using unethical, if not illegal tactics in order to achieve the outcome they desire. In one case a CPS worker was found guilty of hiring actors to act like they were the neighbors of one of his cases. The actors gave reports that they saw parents physically and verbally abusing their children regularly. The CPS worker got caught, and faced criminal charges.

(51:17) Bill Clinton Blunders.
We take a look at a few of the boneheaded legislation Bill Clinton signed off on such as the Adoption for Safe Families Act, and the infamous 1994 Crime Bill that led to mass incarceration.

(52:02) How Woke is Afro Becky?
Who is Wendell Oliver Scott

(53:43) Ask a Former Firefighter.
We ask Paul what the definition of Redline and Burning Index are.

(58:48) Ann’s Appearance.
We call Ann to check on her after her “procedure.”

(61:22) Ask an Attorney.
Was it illegal for CPS to approach Paul’s children at school to talk to them without notifying Paul and his wife?