Episode 42: Deadbeat Motherf****r Playin’ Border Patrol. (feat. Jayden Hollywood)

Ann, Becky, and Dan are joined by Jayden Hollywood who as part of the Unapologetik Podcast tour landed in New Orleans, LA.

(1:50) Introducing Jayden Hollywood.
Although most of you know Jayden from the Unapologetik Podcast, for those of you who don’t here’s your crash course! He talks about his milestones in podcasting, his favorite city that he’s visited on the Unapologetik tour, and his career. Follow Jayden across all platforms @TheGreatJayden and his podcast at @UnapologetikPod.

(11:18) Financial Literacy (or the lack of).
With Jayden being our unofficial official accountant, we wanted to discuss finances. We go around the room to see if we can identify financial mistakes or bad financial decisions that predominantly affect people of color. We conclude that financial literacy should be both taught at home, and in school. Unfortunately it’s not.

(25:24) Immigrant Concentration Camps.
The Trump administration initiated a zero tolerance policy for immigrants crossing US borders illegally. Some of the immigrants are seeking asylum, fleeing from violent countries. While the adults are being arrested, any children caught crossing with their parents are separated at the border and detained in an abandoned Walmart in Brownsville, TX. In 6 weeks, more than 2,000 children have been separated from their families at the border because of this zero policy initiative. The children are locked inside for 22 hours per day, allowed only one hour outside with supervision, and another hour inside outside of their cages. The site at the old Walmart is now over capacity and we are building a tent city in Tornillo, TX where the US will house additional children outdoors, in the Texas summer heat.

(25:24) School Daze.
Somehow we ended up on a tangent about if we thought college was a good investment. Dan believes that college can be a bad investment in some cases and you shouldn’t go into debt for an education that may or may not be useful in the real world. He also shared that he thinks college should be free for everyone (he will elaborate on another episode). Jayden and Ann share that his college may not be for everyone but their experiences and degrees are invaluable, even the classes that may not have been necessary for their degrees. Dan tells us how he and his brother Paul in 8th and 9th grades didn’t know what guidance counselors actually did. After learning what guidance counselors did, they talked to their counselor and were told not to worry about college and to fill out job applications instead of college applications.

(52:06) Immigrant Concentration Camps (cont.)
Jeff Sessions says that the Bible justifies separating children from their parents and placing them in what can only be described as concentration camps. “I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13, to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained the government for his purposes,” said Sessions.
The Pope clapped back with, “The Bible teaches that God ‘loves the foreigner residing among you, giving them food and clothing. And you are to love those who are foreigners, for you yourselves were foreigners in Egypt’ (Deuteronomy 10:18-19).”

(55:15) The Muffin Man.
SCOTUS sided with the Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage citing his religious beliefs as the reason. Colorado’s upper courts ruled in favor of the couple and said this was a discriminatory act. The case made it to the SCOTUS who ruled in favor of Jack Phillips of the Masterpiece Cakeshop in a 7-2 decision. According to Ann, this ruling will not set precedent because of how specific it was to this particular case. Dan thinks that most people won’t pay attention to the specifics of this particular case and we will see more businesses thinking it’s ok to openly discriminate against homosexuals and minorities. Jayden shares that while on his tour, he was the victim of discrimination almost leading to a physical altercation at Princeton.

(73:11) Ask an Accountant:
1. If you make more than $500, is filing a tax return voluntary?
2. Can you claim pets as dependents?
3. Do you have to pay taxes on illegal income?
4. Do students have to pay income tax?
5. Is an accountant liable for any mistakes they make on a tax return, even if it’s their fault?
6. If you owe student loans should you skip filing a tax return?

(89:00) Ask an Attorney:
From MrHandiman504 in New Orleans. I went to return an item at Bed Bath and Beyond. I walked in and realized I left the receipt in my car so I set the waffle iron on the counter and told them I would brb with the receipt. When I came back in with the receipt, the store manager came running up to me accusing me of grabbing the item off of the shelf and trying to return it as if I never purchased it. To make matters worse they insisted on me emptying my pockets and called the police. When the police got there I explained the situation and the officers asked the manager to review the security footage. The manager came back out and told them that he made a mistake. After I returned the item and got my money back, the manager offered me one of those 20% off coupons that you get in the mail every month. I told him to fuck off. I consulted with an attorney to see what could be done and she was supposed to be writing a letter to the Bed Bath and Beyond corporate office, this never materialized. What would I be able to sue Bed Bath and Beyond for? Public humiliation? Some kind of wrongful detainment? Discrimination? WWYD?

(95:41) Pod Connection.
From October 5th – 7th Jayden and @TheEmpressNic are hosting a podcasting networking event in Atlanta which will include a night out at a club, live podcasting, and a brunch. For more information follow Jayden at @TheGreatJayden or @UnapologetikPod on Twitter!

(96:47) Get The Strap!
Dan explains why Ann and Becky would ditch him at the Pod Connection because of his mental illness. Dan cannot be around groups of people without the risk of a panic attack or avoidance behavior. When in groups he’s always watching people and waiting for something to “pop-off.” It’s actually pretty sad.

(100:44) Allergies!
Jayden had an allergy panel done and learned that he was allergic to… drumroll… DUSTY B*TCHES!!!