Bonus: I Am Anxiety.

This episode isn’t for everyone and contains no legal content.

In an attempt to give a little more background on ourselves as podcast hosts we’ve all done bonus a episode that focuses on each of us. You can find “Who is Afro Becky?” on our SoundCloud page. Ann’s interview will be published next week.

Joined by Becky, both Paul and Dan both speak candidly about their mental illnesses. They discuss anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, bipolar, depression and suicide.

(0:42) Walking with The Devil – An OLD song by Dan.
(4:10) Introduction.
(7:30) Trauma.
(9:58) Drinking, Drugs, and Dropping Out.
(16:38) Paul’s First Memorable Panic Attack.
(19:30) Paul Tries to Kill Dan, or Vice Versa?
(21:35) Dan’s First Memorable Panic Attack.
(25:01) Fight or Flight.
(28:12) I’m Good. I’m Straight. I’m Fine.
(31:50) Have you Tried Bull Semen Smoothies?
(38:48) What NOT to do to Mentally Ill People.
(49:32) You Willing to Die for some Food???
(55:46) Dan’s Journal Entry.
(62:57) Journaling.
(66:11) Medication.
(74:19) Suicidal Thoughts.
(84:55) Traits of Sufferers.
(94:17) In Closing.