Episode 43: Lawyers get Shot Everyday, B. (Cam’ron Voice)

The past few weeks we’ve been giving you all a more in-depth look at who we are as individuals. This is the last installment of our 3 episodes focusing on us as hosts.

(1:51) Lawyers get Shot Everyday, B. You’ll be Aight! (Cam’ron Voice)
For those not of the culture, it’s a Paid in Full/Cam’ron/Uncle Murda reference.

We start off talking about how dangerous it is being a family law attorney. There are many instances where lawyers have been attacked, shot, and/or killed by former clients or former ex-spouses. Dealing with divorces, child custody, and money brings out the worst in people… sometimes making them dangerous.

(7:22) Ann gets “Pulled Up” on after a court appearance!
Dan in typical Dan fashion tells the story of how Ann represented a woman in a divorce case and WASHED the ex-husband in court. She took half of everything he owned, including things that you typically wouldn’t lose in a divorce. The ex-husband was so angry that he followed Ann for the rest of the day as she ran errands, followed her to family member’s homes, and finally confronted her as she parked in her driveway. Luckily all he wanted to do was yell at her because that situation could’ve ended a lot worse.

(24:35) We interview Ann about:
Why she became a lawyer, college and law school, taking the bar exam, how she hangs the toilet paper, her time spent at the Law Clinic, and more! She also talks about her time working for Merril Lynch climbing the ladder of success, only to realize she wanted to break families up instead.