Episode 44: Mississippi Appendectomy.

This week we are without any show notes thanks to Ann! Dan explains why in case no. 14302 Dan v. Ann.

This week we take a closer look at America’s forced sterilization that was in effect until the late 1970s. California, North Carolina, and Virginia were some of the biggest offenders in stripping the ability of people to have children, without their consent.

(1:14) Listener Court Case #14302: Dan v. Ann
Dan explains why we have no show notes this week and had to call for backup last minute a couple of weeks ago when Ann notified him that she wouldn’t be available to record, on the day of recording.

Ann argues that she gave enough notice for arrangements to be made.

(6:39) Forced Sterilization
(14:19) The Human Betterment League
(17:55) Puerto Rican Sterilization by the US
(19:41) Back to you Ann… Dan botches trying to read an article online (because we DON’T HAVE SHOW NOTES!)
(21:18) Present Day Sterilization.
(29:50) Buck v. Bell Supreme Court rules that sterilizing people without consent was ruled constitutional.
(36:34) Mississippi Appendectomy. Sterilization disguised as other procedures.
(40:31) SIDEBAR: Doctor Distrust.
(45:45) Other cases of forced sterilization.
(54:31) In closing…
(55:09) Black History Moment. Dan recently learned that 40 acres and a mule was legislation that had actually passed and was signed into effect by President Lincoln.
(57:06) Reminder: Eugenics is Still in Effect!
(61:01) Ask an Attorney: The Masturbating Neighbor.

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