Episode 46: Copyright Infringement

In response to a listener’s email, we explain copyrights, copyright infringement, and Fair Use. Although we use extreme examples to drive the point home, just remember to be cautious and protect yourselves at all times!

(7:57) What is a Copyright?
(11:11) Unregistered Copyrights.
(13:11) Can you use copyrighted material?
(17:16) Infinity Stones (Permission).
(19:42) Common Myths.
(20:31) Parody.
(22:00) Fair Use.
(30:00) Incidental Inclusion.
(33:08) Trademarking/Copyrighting Common Phrases.
(35:08) Graphics/Images.
(39:30) Attribution.
(40:39) Copyrighting a Podcast
(44:03) Unauthorized Use of YOUR Material
(45:15) How Long Do Copyrights Last?
(47:27) Trademarks.
(50:23) Examples of Infringement
(55:15) Marvin Gaye’s Estate vs. Ed Sheeran & Robin Thicke.
(65:01) In Closing.