Episode 47: Legalize Marijuana.

This week Ann, Becky, and Dan are joined by regular guest Paul from Charlotte and new guest Jeremy from Wisconsin to discuss the legalization of marijuana. Though legal in 45 states to some extent, the Federal Government continues to refuse to legalize marijuana. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has pledged to enforce federal anti-marijuana laws.

(1:33) Pre-Production.
(2:40) Paul’s opening thoughts on weed.
(4:33) Weed Laws.
(14:24) Marketing to Kids.
(19:43) A Gateway Drug?
(22:25) Weed in DC.
(25:31) Ann’s alleged trip to Colorado.
(31:18) Locked Up and Locked Out.
(35:23) Jeremy from Wisconsin.
(37:32) CBD.
(43:05) Big Pharma/Tobacco
(46:58) Reparations.
(58:06) Remaining 5 States.
(60:51) In Closing.
(62:22) Ask an Attorney.