Episode 48: Florida, Man.


This week we discuss Stand Your Ground laws. Markeis McGlockton (a black man) was murdered by Michael Drejka (a white man) in a convenience store parking lot over a parking dispute. Markeis’ girlfriend Brittany Jacobs and their children were waiting in their car, parked in a handicapped parking spot when Drejkas approached them. Drejka started harassing Brittany. The commotion caught Markeis’ attention, who came to Brittany’s defense by shoving Drejka who appeared to be a threat to his family. After being shoved to the ground Drejka pulled out a gun and shot Markeis in his chest. Markeis was pronounced dead 30 minutes later. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department refused to arrest Michael Drejka because of Florida’s lax Stand Your Ground laws.

(0:00) BTS: If Dan were a person of power (scary).
(1:22) Introduction.
(2:56) Nia Wilson.
(4:53) Maurice Rucker.
(6:31) Markeis McGlockton.
(10:05) Did Markeis do anything wrong?
(16:38) Was Drejka the aggressor?
(17:34) Could someone have legally killed Drejka?
(19:59) Is it illegal to initiate conflict while carrying?
(24:01) Ideally what should’ve happened?
(28:51) Our Predictions.
(30:11) Louisiana vs. Florida’s Stand Your Ground.
(35:46) No right to be there.
(37:35) Shifting the Burden.
(40:17) Mental Health & Owning a Firearm.
(43:34) Common Sense Gun Laws.
(50:38) Stand Your Ground States.
(52:21) White Birthright.
(58:11) Dan’s Ask an Attorney.
(59:51) Stand Your Ground vs. Self-Defense
(62:03) Normalizing Negative Police Interaction.
(66:05) Ask an Attorney.