Bonus Episode: Monthly Mental Health Checkup.

This episode is a follow-up to the bonus episode, I Am Anxiety. We’re going to try to have these conversations once a month with the focus on Black men’s mental health. There is no legal content in this episode.

(0:00) BTS
(2:51) Poem: “Blessed” by Dan in 2013.
(4:36) Introduction.
(5:01) Dan’s Encounter with the Police at his Office.
Two police officers came into Dan’s office after hours and didn’t announce their presence. Dan startled the officers and they pulled out their weapons and aimed them at him.

(17:14) Mental Illness and Police Encounters.
Are police officers trained to recognize mental health illnesses? There have been numerous cases of mentally ill people and/or people having medical issues being shot, killed, tased, beaten, and pepper sprayed by police officers. If Dan would’ve had a panic attack it’s possible that he would’ve lost his life.

(21:17) Police Brutality.
Louisiana National Guard Jorge Gomez was beaten to a bloody pulp by 2 off-duty New Orleans Police Officers after they called him a “fake American.”

(23:51) Original recording:
We share our experiences with different doctors and psychiatric medication while attempting to seek help for their mental illnesses. We also take a look at anti-anxiety medications being demonized making them harder to get for the people who actually need them.

(42:33) Paul’s Update.
(44:16) Dan’s Update.
(48:12) Triggers.
(50:39) Paul’s advice to others.
(53:05) Faking Mental Illness.
We discuss a mutual “friend” who kept posting suicidal thoughts on Facebook. Paul and Dan reached out to him because of their familiarity with these feelings. It turns out that the “friend” was never suicidal, he just wanted attention.

(61:10) Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems.
(67:33) Final Thoughts.

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