Episode 49: The Justice Gap.

This week Ann, Becky, and Dan discuss the Justice Gap and class actions. The Justice Gap refers to low-income people being unable to obtain legal representation, especially in civil matters. Class action lawsuits are when a plaintiff sues someone on behalf of a group of people that have been wronged in the same way. If successful a class action settlement is usually split among the group, but the attorneys get majority of the settlement.

(0:00) Amateur Hour. (Don’t mind us, we’re not professionals)
(1:34) Dan’s Former Job.
(4:51) The Justice Gap.
(10:01) If You Can’t Afford an Attorney…
(17:06) What is Contingency?
(21:47) Are you paying for the service, or the degree?
(26:26) Sidebar: Suits.
(27:19) 33 1/3 (how much you should expect to pay a personal injury attorney)
(29:41) LegalZoom and Avvo.
(31:35) What are Class Action Lawsuits?
(50:07) Employment Class Action Waivers.
(58:27) What is Arbitration?
(64:07) Ask an Attorney.