Episode 50: Racism, The Collaborative.

We are joined by Paul from Charlotte, Ronnie, Ty, and previous controversial guest, Keisha (from the Racial Integrity episode). We’re also joined by #PodernFamily members Ralph, Justice, CJ aka Haize, and Chaunice to discuss our views on the origins, current state of, and possible solutions to racism. We also discuss our views on the use of the “N-word.”

(0:00) Welcome (Yes, we’re regressing).
(1:55) Ann’s Shower Thought.
(3:42) Definitions/Dan’s Monologue.
(8:33) Paul from Charlotte.
(17:56) Afro Becky.
(22:20) Ralph from The OverSaturated Podcast. (@TheMindOfRalph)
(25:55) Ronnie.
(34:37) Justice from The Extra Regular Podcast. (@TheExtraRegular)
(37:56) CJ aka CEOHaize from The Awakened Soul Podcast (@CEOHaize)
(49:20) Ty.
(55:07) Chaunice from I’m Just Sayin’ & OkHeresTheThing.com (@_DreadLightly)
(1:12:04) KeKe… Whose woMans is this?!?!”
(1:30:20) Shackaleeka’s Resume.
(1:34:39) Dan. (@iAmDanOnDrugs)
(145:50) Ann. (@iTellLegalLies)
(158:37) Wrapping Up.

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