Episode 51: Juvenile Hell.

This week Becky, Dan and Paul discuss the juvenile justice system and how minorities and children of poor families are often targeted by law enforcement and the judicial system. Dan shares his experience spending 3.5 years in juvenile detention centers and group homes for an infraction that didn’t fit the time. Ann is absent because she had a vasectomy this week.

(0:00) Outtake. Becky wanted to know why Dan didn’t have any adult supervision as a pre-teen/teen. Dan explains what life is like growing up poor.

(2:30) Intro.
(5:47) Minority Youth Targets. Paul and Dan discuss how they were routinely harassed, stopped and frisked, pulled over and even beaten up by cops as juveniles.

(13:35) Dan’s Story: Juvenile Hell. Dan shares why he spent 3 1/2 years in detention centers and group homes, what the process was like, and a day in the life.

(42:26) Justice, or Just Us?
(46:43) Private Prisons.

(48:39) Cash for Kids. We briefly discuss the Cash for Kids scandal in Wilkes-Barre, PA where judges and court officials were getting six figure kickbacks from private detention facilities for unjustly and unfairly sentencing children to these facilities.

(54:52) DMV vs. Charlotte. Paul shares some of the differences he sees in how the juvenile justice system works in DC/MD/VA versus where he lives now in Charlotte, NC.

(58:57) Allen Iverson. We discuss how Allen Iverson was sentenced and sent to prison while in High-School for a crime he more than likely didn’t commit. Virginia’s Governor eventually pardoned A.I. and he went on to be one of the greatest NBA players of all time.

(63:35) Outtake 2. Becky gonna be Becky.

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