Episode 61. The Grand Finale.

This week in episode 61, Ann, Becky and Dan discuss how to prepare for the death of a loved one. We’re not talking preparing emotionally because that’s nearly impossible. We are talking about practical things you should do leading up to, and in the days after the death of a loved one.

Ann explains how to track down any life insurance policies, how to find bank accounts and gain access to them, as well as what happens to assets. The conversation takes a turn into a recurring theme here at Black Law and Legal Lies, financial literacy.

(1:49) Tracking Down Life Insurance Policies.
(17:25) Gaining Access to Bank Accounts.
(26:27) Debts and Assets.
(36:29) Financial Literacy.
(62:51) Who You Gonna Call?
(70:39) In Summary.
(77:00) Ask an Attorney.

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