Episode 63: Living On A Prayer.

This week Ann, Becky and Dan take a look at the Fair Labor Standards Act, minimum wage, tipped minimum wage and the practice of tipping in the US. We debate whether or not tipping should be banned in service industries. We also attempt to budget living off of $1040.00 per month.

(0:00) F**k Olive Garden!
(4:15) Midterm Election Recap.
(9:23) Correction to EP62: Work That Poll.
(10:12) Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
(14:49) Tipped Minimum Wage.
(32:12) Automatic Gratuity.
(36:16) Minimum Wage.
(62:55) Should We Raise Minimum Wage?
(72:55) Dan’s Monologue MFer!
(77:04) Ask an Attorney.

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