Episode 64: Jury Duty.

This week with Becky out of town Ann and Dan discuss jury duty. Most people ignore jury duty, especially in the Black community. It’s an unfortunate reality because this leads to a shortage of or lack of diversity on juries. As you can imagine, the effects of this can lead to a culturaly clueless jury, or worse… a jury who convicts someone based off of their skin color or appearance alone.

(2:14) Jury Duty.
(7:57) Skipping Jury Duty?
(15:22) Juror Eligibility.
(19:50) Podcast Recommendation: The Awakened Soul.
(20:54) Exemptions and Excusals.
(33:39) Podcast Recommendation: Oversaturated.
(34:16) Sequestering.
(38:14) Ask an Attorney.
(40:30) Dan’s Burning Penis

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