Episode 71: Redhibition – When Life Gives You Lemons (kinda).

This week Ann, Becky and Dan discuss Louisiana’s redhibition statutes. Redhibition is a consumer protection law that is unique to Louisiana but other states may have similar statutes under varying names. Ann shares how she won her first redhibition case when her client unknowingly purchased a previously wrecked automobile a few years ago.

(0:00) Tangy Blow Job (don’t ask!)
(3:06) Redhibition: Take 1
(4:14) BTS: Technical Difficulties…
(9:58) Redhibitory Defects.
(20:20) Sidebar: It’s like a Jungle Sometimes.
(21:26) If you cannot afford an attorney?
(24:59) Ann’s First Redhibition Case.
(31:13) What Constitutes a Redhibitory Defect?
(41:12) Ask an Attorney.

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