Episode 72: Welfare Fraud. I’ll Take $100 for $50 Alex.

This week Ann, Becky and Dan take a look at government assistance. Often called “welfare,” things like food stamps, housing vouchers, child care vouchers etc… were all created to temporarily assist struggling families. These programs all started with good intentions but as you’ll hear in the top 10 welfare fraud cases, some folks found and used loopholes to defraud the government.

(1:44) Afro Becky’s Hip-Hop Knowledge.
(4:51) Government Assistance.
(12:43) TANF.
(18:23) Poverty Level.
(20:32) Food Stamps.
(25:50) Scamming.
(29:02) Sidebar: Nice For What?
(33:15) Top Ten Welfare Fraud Cases.
(51:30) In Closing: Our Views.
(56:54) Ask an Attorney.

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