Episode 80: Black In America.

This week Ann, Becky and Dan have a discussion about racism in America in 2019. We look at the recent report from a UPS facility in Maumee Ohio where nooses, confederate flags, and stuffed monkeys in UPS uniforms were hung. We also take a look at the polital landscape with Virginia’s Governeor appearing in blackface and Del Mary Ann Lisanti using “n** district” to describe a prominently black county in Maryland. Lastly we dive into why laws, like the Second Ammendment, don’t apply to people of color.

(18:44) Introduction.
(1:15) Becky’s Hip-Hop Knowledge.
(4:05) What Can Brown Do For You?
(15:38) Racism Circa 2019.
(20:48) Stop Talking, Listen!
(25:51) Their Laws Don’t Apply.
(32:28) Anarchy!
(43:19) Ask an Attorney.

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