Episode 91: Money Moves (w/Jayden Hollywood).

This week Ann and Dan are joined by accountant, credit repair specialist and fellow podcaster, Jayden Hollywood (@TheGreatJayden)to discuss financial literacy. It’s no secret that our community is plagued by wasteful spending and poor money management. The generations before us were financially illiterate for the most part and our generations inherited their poor money management skills and habits. We hope this episode offers a better understanding of finances.

(3:34) Jayden’s Social Media Hiatus.
(6:44) Da Bottom Line Podcast.
(12:23) Debt Collection.
(18:42) Bankruptcy.
(30:44) Credit Scores.
(37:51) Useful Podcasts.
(41:16) The Awakened Soul Podcast (@AwakenedSoulPod)
(41:48) Car Loans.
(48:41) Mortgage vs. Rent.
(51:21) Financial Literacy.
(1:06:54) HB-C-U Later!
(1:12:31) Closing Thoughts.
(1:19:45) WTF Just Happened?!?!

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