Episode 93: Gone Fishing!

This week Dan and Becky talk about police questioning minors. Dan has been arrested numerous times as a minor and he’s never once had a parent or an attorney in any of his interrogations. He was often propositioned with what you’d hear on typical cop TV shows, “tell us what we want and you can go home.” Voluntarily offering information to the police in order to go home always comes at a price. Dan also talks about not knowing his rights as a young teen and not fully understanding the Miranda rights. Dan highly recommends teaching children to know how to ask for an attorney and to NOT voluntarily speak to the police unless they’re victims of a crime. This is a topic we will revisit in more depth after our vacation.

As of today Black Law and Legal Lies is officially on vacation! We will return in 2 weeks. For our newer listeners, we have a huge back catalog of content and highly recommend episode 55, “The Broken Windows Theory.”

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